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Here we are, the final blog of this series. I’ve covered several love-related items in the last three blogs, but let’s recap the main points.

God should be our first love, our top priority. No person/relationship should come before Him.

Love does not envy, is not arrogant, is not selfish, does not mistreat others.

 Love is patient, is kind, is greater than faith, hope, all.

Remember, what is listed above is simply the highlights. Love encompasses so much that it is difficult to cover everything, even in a blog series. However, feel free to re-read the previous blogs and continually review the Scriptures that are listed at the end of those blogs. Those verses are excellent reminders to us all of what love is and what love is not.

Okay. So This Was Not As Easy As I Thought It Would Be.

Now, in this piece, I stated that I would focus on love and relationships. Well, (sigh) I apologize, but writing this blog was very difficult for me to do. In part 1 of my blog series, I stated that I have never been married or engaged. (So of course, I will not offer any advice on that topic because that is an area in which I’m inexperienced). I wrote that instead, I would focus on love from a single woman’s perspective. However, even when trying to write this blog from that perspective, I got stuck. Thus, I decided that my approach with this piece would be a bit different.

Look for These Attributes.

You will see that I created a brief list (a few items, not all-inclusive) of what I have learned over the years, things that I will continually remind myself of as I wait/prepare for my God-appointed husband (if it is God’s will for me to marry). Again, this list does not cover it all, but I encourage you to take a look at the text below.

If you are single and awaiting/preparing for your God-appointed spouse (assuming it is God’s will for you to marry), always remember that the person God has for you...

Should respect the fact that the Lord comes before them. They should not try to interfere with your relationship with Christ. In fact, they should only encourage you to draw closer to Him, and they too should place the Lord first and continually draw closer to Him. (Review part 1 of this blog series and the Scriptures mentioned in that piece.)

Should treat you with kindness and with respect. This is not to say that you will not have your fair share of disagreements, however. (Review parts 2 and 3 of this blog series and the Scriptures mentioned in those pieces.)

Should be very protective (not controlling; there is a difference) of you and protective of your reputation. (Read the story of Boaz and Ruth, especially Ruth, Chapter 2 in full and Chapter 3, verses 13–14.)

This is What is Really Important.

Flowers, chocolates, nice dinners, surprise “just thinking of you” texts and phone calls, etcetera–yes, those are nice, very nice...very, very, very nice. However, if one does not exhibit the three qualities listed above (especially the first one), then what good are the flowers, the chocolates, the nice dinners, the texts and phone calls? Also, if you had to choose between the three qualities listed above or the flowers, chocolates, etcetera, wouldn’t you rather have someone who exhibits the aforementioned traits? Maybe it’s just me, but a man who truly loves God, who places Him first, who serves the Lord faithfully, who has integrity, is honest, loyal, responsible, reliable, humble, compassionate, protective, respectful to everyone–those are the most attractive traits, in my opinion, and those are the qualities I look for.

Lastly, Pray and Be Cautious.

Lastly and importantly, I encourage you to exercise caution during your waiting/preparation period. Pray, pray, and pray some more. Satan is quite good at being deceitful. The enemy will come disguised as a person with the physical attributes we may most likely desire. That person may be a smooth talker and tell us exactly what we want to hear. We must be on (spiritual) guard to make certain we don’t fall for the devil’s tricks!

I Want to Hear from You.

Okay, so this blog may not have been what you (or what I) initially expected. However, I really want to hear from you, especially the married folks. What are your thoughts/advice as it relates to love and relationships/marriage?

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