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Some of you may remember that approximately three weeks ago, I posted a video. In that video I briefly spoke of love. I also told you that I would post a blog regarding this topic. Well, as I began to write, it became clear to me that the topic of love is so huge and encompasses so much that it would be better to instead do a blog series–thus, today’s blog, “What Love is…and What Love is Not (An Introduction)”.

Love...A Pretty Popular Topic

Do you know how many messages/questions I received from my readers over the years regarding relationships (and not just what many refer to as “romantic” relationships)? I am referring to the relationships we have with our friends and with our family (e.g., mother, father, sister, brother) as well. Now, I will tell you that when I receive questions and/or am asked for advice as it relates to a person’s marriage, I tend to shy away from offering counsel. Why? Well, the reason is that I have never been married (or engaged) and I personally do not feel qualified to give marital advice. However, I do offer to pray about the situation(s). Additionally, I try to find Scriptures that may relate to those individuals’ situations, and I encourage them to pray and seek God for themselves. Lastly, I encourage those individuals to speak with someone (as led by God), perhaps, one who has had experience in the area of marriage and one whom they trust (e.g., someone who is spiritually mature, who will give them Godly advice, who will not run around and tell everyone all of their business, etcetera). However, recently, the Lord has been leading me to write/speak in the area of love and relationships in depth (more so from a single woman’s perspective), and all I can say is that doing so is completely out of my comfort zone! But, I must be obedient to the Lord, right?

Love God First

First things first, I cannot talk about love without talking about God. Why? Well, because God is love (See 1 John 4:8). If we want to know about love, how to love, and how to recognize when we are or are not being loved, then we must consult with God. The Lord is the real “love expert”, and no one can or will love you more than He does. Thus, our relationship with God should be our number one priority, and we should not allow anyone to divert our attention from Him...we should not allow anyone or anything to distract us from spending quality time with Him. Never forget, the Lord comes first; we are to always love Him FIRST.

Read These Scriptures

So in this blog, I spoke of what (or better worded, “who”) is most important in the topic of love and relationships. I encourage you to read and meditate on the following Scriptures to really “drive this point home” :

1.) Exodus 20:3

2.) Deuteronomy 6:5

3.) Mark 12:30

4.)1 John 4:8–10

5.) Matthew 10:37–39

6.) Matthew 22:37–38.

As previously mentioned, this blog is simply a brief introduction to the “What Love is…and What Love is Not” series. Stay tuned for the next blog (to be posted Sunday, November 12th, 2017).

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