Life is not easy, and you’ve probably had days when you felt anxious, confused, or scared. In the Bible, one can read of how God brought many people out of some seemingly impossible situations, and God can do the same thing for you. Words of Spiritual Encouragement and Inspiration is a collection of the most popular spiritual pieces written by Positivity Inspires. They are meant to uplift your spirit and encourage you to strengthen your relationship with Christ. Topics of discussion include forgiveness, the importance of placing God first, and spiritual growth. Most pieces end with a list of Scriptures for further meditation and reflection. Whether you’re feeling profoundly lost, or you are simply looking for inspiration before you start the day, these essays offer advice that lifelong Christians and newly-converted Christians alike will find valuable.

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We must overcome many barriers to ensure our God-given purpose is fulfilled. This book outlines some common obstacles Christians may encounter during the journey of life. It also examines five Biblical figures who endured many hardships but reaped multiple rewards. While providing guidance and encouragement, you are reminded that regardless of what you may face, through faith, prayer, and obedience to the Lord, you can rise despite any and all resistance, conquer your enemies, and complete the perfect work our Lord has assigned you.

Please note that this book is still in progress. It is tentatively scheduled to be released April of 2018.